Is Clarity Found by Using Essential Oils?

February 26, 2021 by Kristy

So, I guess I am what you call an essential oil junkie.  I have a drawer full, well maybe two drawers full of essential oils.  I definitely have my go to essential oils.  I love Lemon and Fennel and especially Rosemary.  I go thru those oils faster than any other oils.  They are familiar to me.  I have felt like I need to learn more about the oils sitting in my drawers.  I bought a book at the oil store and it talks about Emotions and Essential Oils it is published by Enlighten Alternative Healing, LLC.  I have honestly had the book for about a year and I just opened it the other day.

My husband is great.  He has these amazing plans.  Unfortunately, he wants me to help participate in his plans.  Which seriously makes me NOT want to help.  I really hate being told what to do and I hate it even more when HE EXPECTS me to do it.  But his plans and my plans are very similar.  I can see that if I help him, he will help me.  So, anyway back to Clary Sage.

When I opened up the book, a page is titled, “Clary Sage, The Oil of Clarity & Vision”.  I have felt like I have lacked vision and clarity for the last year.  So that was the attention grabber I needed to read this page.  In this book, it states that “clary sage can assist in opening creative channels and clearing creative blocks”.  I dabbed about 5 drops on my wrists and neck and then headed out the door.  It was an interesting day.  After thinking about it, every single person I interacted with that day gave me some kind of vision and clarity.  Hmm, maybe I am on to something.

It has been two days since I applied the clary sage.  I decided I needed to do a little more research to find out what else clary sage can help with.  I found this blog post  In that blog it talks about 18 different benefits of clary sage.  All of those benefits are things that I need, today and over the last week.

Here are a few things that I find very interesting and don’t believe it is a coincidence that I am attracted to clary sage currently.  So first thing last night, I said to my husband, “Is it normal to go through periods in your life where nothing gives you joy?”.  According to, Clary sage oil can boost self-esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength, thereby efficiently fighting depression.  Clary sage oil can induce a feeling of immense joy.  Seriously I am not making this up, that is the exact words the blog said.  Okay, check.  Second thing, I have been fighting a cough for 25 days.  I generally don’t get sick but this cough is awful.  It is the kind of cough that is like a spasm, and I can’t stop coughing.  I may have even had to run to the bathroom to not pee my pants a time or two.  Again, clary sage is shown useful in the treatment of spasmodic cough.  Wow.  There were a few other things to note but, go do your own research about the amazing benefits of clary sage.  As for me, I just filled my diffuser (or 3 of them) and I am smelling the aromatic beauty of clary sage today.