What is food prep and what does it mean?

December 21, 2021 by Kristy

Watch the video below and I will tell you what exactly people are talking about when they tell you to “food prep”.

Hi, it’s Kristy from Mama Bears Prep, and I wanted to just talk to you for just a couple minutes about what is food prep? That IS the question that I get asked really more than anything else. So food prep is just taking the food that you’re going to eat throughout the week and taking a time on one day to prepare that food. It makes your life so much simpler! There are lots of reasons I love to food prep.  One reason is that I hate doing dishes. In fact, that’s why I have kids, so they can do my dishes.

If you do take the time to food prep you are using the cutting board, one time and you are chopping all the food for that for that week at one time. Then you have one cutting board and one knife that you have to wash. Instead of every single day, cutting your food and having to wash that cutting board and knife every single day. So really when the question is, what is food prep, it’s kind of the lazy way out of just being prepared.

The next question that I get asked quite a bit is: what do you need to food prep? The answer is as simple as three things?

1- The first thing that you need is the food that you’re going to eat. So for me, what I do is I like to feed my family lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, and so I need tons of fruits and vegetables.

2- Number two is a knife and it does not have to be fancy! But I absolutely love my “chef’s knife”!

3- Then the third thing that you’re going to need is a cutting board. Yes, a cutting board.  You can buy cutting boards or mats in all shapes, colors and sizes.  I have to have multiple cutting boards because I might actually have a little bit of an obsession with cutting boards, but anyway that’s pretty much all you need to start your food prep.

You need food, you need a knife and you need a cutting board!

Another question that I get asked frequently is what types of foods – and I kind of talked about- but everything that you’re going to make throughout the week you can food prep. If you’re going to eat salads, you can food prep salads.  If you are going to be eating breakfast you can food prep your breakfast.  You can food prep, your dinner, so everything can be food prepped and it makes it super simple for the weekdays and nights when you’re busy. So anyway, that was my quick tip for today. I hope that you all have a great day and we’ll see you next time. Thank you.

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