Do You Sneak Celery in Your Junior High Lunch?

February 25, 2021 by Kristy

I am making my daughters lunch.  She is 13.  She hates school lunch because “it is nasty”!  Lately I have been cutting up celery and carrots and putting them in little baggies so that we can just grab snacks out of the fridge and eat them without making a huge mess in the kitchen.  I really hate messes.  So I ask her if she wants some celery in her lunch.  She replies back and asks in her mocking teenage way, “What does Celery do for me anyways?”  I mumble something, I can’t recall and drive her to school.

When I got back home her question was really concerning to me.  What does Celery do for us?  And why should we eat Celery?  I took to google and here is some amazing things that I found.

I do remember hearing as a kid that it takes more calories to eat celery then celery has in it.  However, I found that is not true.  It is true that Celery does aid in weight loss because it helps you to feel full longer.  Celery has large amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, magnesium and potassium.  All essential for good health and fighting off illness.  Celery has one of the highest percentages of water in it and it is full of insoluble fiber.  It is sometimes referred to as “crunchy water”.  Yummy!

I found a few different blogs that talked about benefits of eating celery regularly.  Some of the benefits stated that Celery relieves inflammation, treats Bad cholesterol, helps with weight loss, eye health, and reduces blood pressure.  Celery can prevent dehydration, prevent ulcers, and aid in digestion.  It also may help protect from the C word, cancer.

Sending Gwen to school with celery was a great snack for her.  Eating celery boosts the amount of luteolin in your system and leads to improved memory.  It also helps cope with stress because of the magnesium in celery.  In junior high, she definitely needs help with memory and stress.  Like a good Mom, I told her all about the benefits of eating celery on the drive home from school.  She acted disinterested.  I actually caught her, a couple of days later in the kitchen chowing down on celery.  Knowledge really is power, Score!