What meals are good to meal prep?

Hi, it’s Kristy from Mama Bears Prep again and welcome back! Today, I’m going to talk a little bit more about food prep. I know that’s what I’ve been talking. I am going to talk about your nighttime, your dinner time, meals. I don’t know about you, but being a mom and having kids, it seems like there’s always something that we have to do at night. Whether it’s baseball or ballet or parent-teacher conferences, scouts, whatever it is that you have going on. It seems like every night there’s something going on. I want to feed my family the best that I can, but I also know that I have a limited amount of time to do that. I’ve struggled for years, trying to figure out what is the best option to just eliminate all these extracurricular activities so that you can sit down together as a family. I have learned that the key is you take time when you have a little bit more time to prepare it, so that, when you’re Cooking those meals, it’s not taking you nearly as much time as it would, if you had to start preparing the meal, get it all ready to go, then you cook it and then you guys hurry and eat it, and then you run off to wherever you need to go.

I am now preaching to you again- how important food prep really is. Especially as a mom that has kids at home. Your time, is so sacred that you just really have to figure out how to manage your time and still feed your family. Prepping is one of those things that you can do that just helps you to manage your time.

The other aspect I wanted to talk about for just a second is family quality time. For us Wednesday is the day we have in the week that we have nothing else going on. Obviously sometimes something is going on but in general there isn’t extra-curricular activities. We take a little bit more time that day in particular and we sit around the dinner table. We focus on connecting as a family and creating memories. This time is so important to us and has given us amazing opportunities to truly bond. We try to sit together at the table every day, but with teenagers and teenagers having jobs it’s a little bit more difficult.

I’m not an expert on this by any means, but I know that that family time around the table has created a bond between not only just me and my kids and my husband and my kids and between my kids. In fact – and I will share the details of this story with you on a different blog post, but there was a time that my oldest child actually stole a burrito off my plate and my kids still talk about that story that happened probably eight or nine years ago. That memory was created by being around the kitchen table and just seizing the moment and the opportunity to be together. So anyway, that’s my spill. If you can food prep, that’s gonna give you more time to to create that unity around the kitchen table and so again another reason why food prep is so important!