Watch the video to find out the two questions to know if you are ready to start prepping food in your kitchen.

Welcome back, it’s Kristy from Mama Bears Prep. I hope that over the course of these last few articles that you’ve actually learned something – and maybe that you’ll take action, steps to have some food prepped in your house. I hope that you can get some breakfast items prepped. I hope that you’re able to get lunch items prepped and some freezer meals, preps. I’ve got one more question for you. Actually, I have two more questions.

Now that you know what you can prep, which is pretty much anything that you’re gonna eat. The first question I have for you – Is your kitchen ready to prep food? Do you have your kitchen set up in a way that you can pull out your knives and you can pull out your cutting boards and you know where your spices are? Or is your house a mess? Do you know how to get your kitchen ready? If your kitchen is not ready, I’m going to invite you to my Prep Your Kitchen email series and it is amazing!

I take you through three different steps to get your kitchen ready so that you can become a Prepared Mama and prepare your meals every night. I personally love my prep your kitchen series. I might be a little biased because it’s my thing – but anyways if that’s something that you’re interested in click on the PINK BUTTON at the bottom of this post that says, “CLICK HERE TO GET THE 3 KEYS TO GET YOUR KITCHEN READY”. You’ll sign up on the link and then through email and I’ll start sending you my email sequence. I give you time in between each step so that you can be prepared. I want you to be prepared!

The second question that I have for you – especially if your kitchen is already organized and clean and that you feel like you’re motivated. My question is: Do you know what you’re gonna make for dinner every night? Is that something that you know, or are you kind of lost on it? If you’re needing new ideas and you’re sick of searching the internet trying to figure out what you’re going to eat, then I may have a solution that might be really awesome for you.

I don’t know: you’ll have to look at it, but I have created a dinner meal plan that I walk you through all the steps. I give you the recipes and I send you emails that kind of nag you a little bit to help keep you on track. I send you videos of how to actually prepare your meals. I send you the grocery list organized by aisle at the grocery store. I send everything you need for the weeks dinner meals. I’ve done everything for you and if you’re interested in that, just go ahead and click on the BLUE BUTTON at the bottom of this post that says, “CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MAMA BEARS MEAL PLANS”. Clicking will take you to a video that you’ll learn more about my awesome dinner meal system designed for busy moms.

So, in the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed this series I appreciate you listening to me and again I hope you learned something so until next time. Thank you!