Welcome to My New Organized but Formally Unorganized Life Plan

March 1, 2021 by Kristy

This week marks the 16th week of my 11 year old son, Bryken’s basketball season.  We only have 3 more weeks to go!  He was offered a spot on a competitive team and then he plays in the city league.  He learned and improved his game so so much on the comp team.  We had about 2 weeks of overlap where he did both the comp and the city league.  As if that wasn’t enough running him around on weeknights he also participated in a local high school learning camp one night a week for eight weeks.  This kid has had an amazing experience the last 4 months and looking back, I would say that the sacrifice for our family, has been worth it for his personal growth.

16 weeks of Basketball
5 nights a week

I am an organized person.  It is honestly a God given gift, that I am grateful for every second of every day.  I once had the leading member of my clergy tell me that I was “by far the most organized person he had ever met”.  I walked out of his office smiling from ear to ear, especially since I knew his wife had been officially crowned the organizing queen (by me).  When I was transferring from my favorite job ever (I taught people how to be loan officers) to another position within the company that helped further my career, my boss told me she would pay me what my raise was going to be to keep me there.  She told me she didn’t know what she would do without me there to organize everything.  I think that what makes the difference for me of having my stuff together and living in chaos is having a plan.  I am a much happier person when I have a plan.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a planner.  I remember that when I was a freshmen in high school, I had my whole funeral planned out.  Not that I was suicidal, because I wasn’t, but I was really worried that no one would know who I wanted my pallbearers to be and I didn’t want any of my friends to feel left out.

What does basketball season and being organized have in common?  Six little letters that make a HUGE difference in every person’s well-being.  DINNER.  Basketball is after school, usually during dinner time.  I also want to mention that Bryken has Scouts, Gwen has a midweek church activity and my husband is a Scout leader and a coach for the city league.  If I had not been organized any of the last 16 weeks, then dinner was a last minute thought.  We would usually wind up eating a heart attack in a paper sack or eating some type of processed crap.  Luckily that has only happened a few times during the last four months, because I know better.

Five years ago, after being in the workforce for 15 years we decided it was time for me to focus on our family and be the best Mom and wife I could be.  That meant I needed to resign from my career.   After leaving, I now had extra time, in that I no longer went to an employer and punched in and out.  That also meant that I NEVER got to punch out – at home.  Over the last five years I have really developed as a person.  I have really put in the time and effort of being the Mom that I would feel good about.  I have taken it upon myself to focus on keeping my family healthy.  I have learned about nutrition, supplements, essential oils, sicknesses, herbs, fruits, vegetables and the recovering process for the human organs, brain and body.  If I was to point out just one strength that this has developed in me, I would say without hesitation, my family’s nutrition and health.  My kid’s have not had to be on an antibiotic, they have their moments of sicknesses but they tend to get over things quickly because the germs are terrified of me and the things I do to eradicate them.

I believe the contributing factor of my family’s health is the food I present to my family.  Every morning I make my husband and kids a great breakfast.  We don’t do cereal in this house.  My kids and husband take a hot lunch or salads in a jar to school and work with them.  Every night I serve them a home cooked meal.  We have apples, oranges, pears, grapes, carrots, celery, nuts and seeds in baggies for snacks.  All of this takes a lot of planning on my part.  But over the last almost 23 years of my marriage I have lived the life of having a plan (now) and not having a plan (during my working years).  I wish and often wonder, if I knew what I know now, would my oldest son have the problems he has?  If I would have fed him proper nutrition would his seizures have started?  Would his behaviors been so unbearable?  Would we have been able to keep him in our home and would he be normal…?  I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I do know that I tend to dwell on them.  I feel that part of my purpose in this life is to help others that don’t have a plan.  I have been given some amazing organizing abilities and I think they are meant to be shared.  Good things are coming and I would love to share my knowledge with you and help you and your family.