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How do I meal prep lunch for the week?

December 22, 2021 by Kristy

Watch the video below and learn what and how you can meal prep for lunch for the week!

Hi guys welcome back, it’s Kristy from Mama Bears Prep and today I wanted to talk to you about prepping your lunches. Lunch is kind of one of those time of day that sneaks in there. You have your breakfast that you eat. You got your dinner, you have to prepare and then you’re supposed to eat another meal in there somewhere too? My question is: Who really wants to make three meals a day? I know I don’t!

So what I’m gonna talk to you about today is some of the tips and tricks that I do for my lunches.

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1-The first tip or trick that I do is that once a week I will buy the packages of the green spring mix or spinach, the big boxes. I’ll take it and then I grab the smaller size mason jars. I will shove the jar full of the greens and then I’ll put carrots, onions, tomatoes, celery & cheese. And whatever else I have in my fridge. Then you can also pour the salad dressing in the bottom of the jar but I like putting my salad dressing in a separate container. Bam! Those are salads in the jar. I’ll make those and they’re good for the week, I make enough for whomever wants them in the family.

2- Something we have pretty much always done as a family, is that we have taken our lunch with us when we’re working or going to school. The number one thing that we eat for lunch is what we had the night before for dinner. I know a lot of people aren’t huge fans of leftovers and I’m not really sure why? If you put all that effort into making dinner the night before and then you just enjoy it that night and then you throw all the leftovers away that, doesn’t make any sense to me! Enjoy that meal for a couple days. Get two meals out of your dinner! That actually makes your life easier and it’s not that hard when you’re making dinner at night to make a little bit extra so that you have it for lunch the next day.

A lot of people I know, will make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and a bag of chips, and whatever – and my question for you is – is that really nutrient filled? Is there really a lot of nutrients in that or is it just kind of filler food? When you’re eating lunch or when you’re eating at all – shouldn’t you really be eating REAL food? Food that is going to fuel you and be healthy for you and help you to have a better day? I think for me the answer is absolutely! I don’t want to put too much garbage in my mouth because it’s not going to make me feel good.

So the other common problem with lunch is; Are you someone that just purchases your lunch everyday? Do you realize that buying lunch is not cheap? Easily you can spend 11, 12, 13 bucks per lunch. When you add that up how much time are you spending at work to just support your buying lunch issue? Being conscious of this one trick of avoiding purchasing lunch will save you tons of money and you can eat healthier by just eating leftovers for lunch. This is me harping on you for trying to help you to learn and develop habits that will help you to be prepared for the week and save you money and help you eat more nutrient food.

Do you ever have those days when you realize it’s 2:30 and you are starving – you haven’t even ate lunch yet because you’ve been too busy doing whatever it is that you do? I have those days too and all I have to do is just go to my fridge. I pull out the salad in the jar. I dump it on a plate and my food is already prepared! If you take that time once a week or every night, if you take the leftovers and put that in the container, it’s saving you so much time in the morning, and you know that you’re eating something a bit better than just food that you’re buying or just a sandwich that you’re making.

So anyway, that’s my tip for today about food prep, just prepare your lunch! It is such a great habit to get in and it’ll save you a lot of money!