Dr. Ama

February 26, 2021 by Kristy

It has been said many times that there are two types of people in this world.  I am going to say it too, lol.  There are those people that quite honestly seem like they have any easy life but when you talk to them they tell you – everything that is going in their life and how horrible it is.  I, internally- judging them but not meaning to- think, I wish that was my biggest problem in life.  Then the second type of people, of which I am one, play everything down.

Let me give you some examples that I have witnessed.  The first type of person, is driving down the road and they get singled out and pulled over by a cop.  The police officer issues a citation for 102 on an 80 mph freeway.  Then that person, posts on facebook, that they were picked on and received a ticket from ruthless law enforcement.  They can’t afford to pay for a ticket and it is so unfair and does anyone know how much the ticket is going to cost?  After hearing or reading about their experience you kind of start to feel sad for them that they have it so bad.  Nevermind, that they were seriously doing 102 instead of 80, that is dangerous.  Personally, I wish the cop would have taken them to jail to teach them a lesson.  What if they would have caused a crash or worse killed someone?  No one needs to go that fast.  But somehow, all the comments on this person’s facebook page seem to show empathy and agreement that the cop picked on them.

The other type of person, well me, has a situation where my disabled child is in the hospital for the hundredth time.  We are not sure that he is going to make it.  His seizures are out of control and he is in a form of status epilepticus.  Which in layman terms is a seizure coma.  The seizures are relentless and the doctors don’t know why and don’t know how to stop the seizures.  Medications aren’t working and the medical team is stumped.  I don’t really want to plaster this on facebook.  Maybe I will, after he is released, but I just don’t want everyone to know what is going on.  Because then I will have to deal with all these feelings.  I don’t want anyone to worry when there is nothing that they can do.  Of course I feel the obligation to let my family and a couple of close friends know what is going on.  My daily texts to them only include the advancements and the “good news”.   They don’t focus on the additional setbacks that he has had over the last few hours.  I just try to downplay everything.  I wouldn’t want you to know that I am scared and need support.  Because of my attitude, other people think I have it under control, I don’t.  And I am really bothered that you can’t see through my rose colored glasses to be there for me, even though when you ask I tell you I am fine.

Why is there such a huge difference between the two types of people?  Why can someone with, what the majority of people would agree seems like stupid problems, make such a big deal out of their misfortunes?  Whereas someone that genuinely has legit problems try to make it seem like it is just a circumstance and that they can handle it?  I believe I know what this may be.  I think the first type of person is a patient of Dr.Ama, aka drama.  Then the second type of person does everything they can to avoid Dr.Ama.  But, by avoiding Dr.Ama they subscribe to Mrs. Chill

In both instances the people are really doing a disservice to themselves.  The first person, really does make mountains out of molehills.  The second person isn’t honest about their limitations.  I really think this starts at birth.  Some babies are so temperamental and demand, demand, demand.  Then other babies you kind of don’t even realize are awake.  I think once you become aware of which type of person you are, you have an obligation to try your best to get to middle ground.  Not be so dramatic but also not be so cool about setbacks.  Middle ground folks must be where it is at!  I am working on it.