8 Benefits of the Staple Food Green Onions

March 1, 2021 by Kristy

I am not a huge fan of raw onions.  It actually took me about 25 years before I even liked onions at all.  Onions have a strong pungent smell and honestly kind of smell like Body Odor of someone that just lifted a ton of weights and then moved the whole range of the Rocky Mountains.  I am kind of weird because I have always been fine with onions cooked in things if I don’t have a texture issue anyway.  But I have always loved Green onions.

Green onions provide just a little bit of crunch and they are packed with a great flavor.  This morning I made a delicious breakfast casserole and I added 3 chopped green onions to the casserole.  This casserole was the best it has ever been.  It made me wonder what nutritional benefits to do green onions really offer?

According to thehealthsite.com. green onions, or spring onions as they call them, offer 8 different benefits, including helping your bone density and they play a vital role in helping maintain normal vision.  The article states that green onions help with stomach problems.  The website care2.com, even goes as far to call green onions a superfood.  It goes on to agree with the benefits I listed above as well as state additional benefits of supporting immune health, regulate blood sugar, are anti-inflammatory and green onions help prevent cancer.

What exactly is a green onion?  A green onion is basically an immature regular onion.  Farmers pick the green onion before it turns into a fully formed and grown regular onion.  In an interview with “The Splendid Table,” journalist Jo Robinson explained that green onions contain 100 times more phytonutrients than full-grown onions do. Robinson says that the green parts are where you can find most of the phytonutrient goodness in green onions.  On the website draxe.com, they go on to call green onions, scallions.  Green onions are a staple and star ingredient in Chinese, Japanese and Korean foods.  The 8th benefit not previously mentioned is that green onions can aid in weight loss, because they actually shrink fat cells.

Where do I get green onions?  Because green onions are a staple in my household I always find them at every grocery store I go to.  They are in the produce section.  They are also cheap.  Today I spent $.38 on a bundle of green onions.  Thirty eight cents is a small price to pay to add a lot of flavor to my dishes.  Anytime I buy green onions, I chop them all up immediately, place them in a Ziploc bag and then use them.  If I buy a lot, I even will chop and freeze the green onions.

I feel like green onions are a really good transition and gap for those of us who just can’t quite commit to eating a “real” onion.  Go ahead and give green onions a try, you won’t regret the flavor and with so many benefits your body will appreciate it also!